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California Guitar Trio Thrills Once Again


The guys put on another amazing show on October 18th at St. Timothy Lutheran Church.  We are so thankful to Rev. Mahan and the church staff for the use of their beautiful facility.  Although we are still struggling to get at the audience level would would like to see, we are coming along and the use of St. Timothy helped greatly. 


Also, special thanks to RIc Cochran and Jeanne K. of V100 for their support and for their role in community awareness.  Your help and friendship are very much appreciated.

This concert was very special in that the band invited Dilek Engin to join them on viola for The Marsh and Portland rain.  Dilek was simply amazing and a perfect compliment to the trio. 

And for this concert, I saw Tyler Trotter use superhuman skill to get the sound to his liking and to reset things the way they were after the show.

Once again I must thank my wife, Debbie, my sister Margy and her husband, Chuck McCroskey, as well as Rita Wilson, Kristy and Patrick Fidler, Rob Burdette and Greg Wegmann for their assistance.  For those of you who may have missed the show, you will very soon (within the next few days) be able to order a copy of the show and other CGTrio live performances at:

Charleston Concert Poster

Nick Gatens has been kind enough to design a custom poster for the upcoming concert.  Our thanks to Nick for his cool design!



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